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דער „אױפֿן־װעב“ אוצר פֿון ייִדישע לידער


A Bisl Backgroundאַ קלײנער פֿאָן

This column usually contains a short text giving some context to the poem. Above you will find a picture that may enrich, complicate, sully, or do nothing to your understanding of the poem. You may click it to enlarge it.

Since this is an About Page, we will use the context column to talk about our hopes and aspirations.

We hope this project grows tremendously. We don't think it possible without help from many people: people who type up poems, people who translate poems, people who write mini bios and little context blurbs, people who record readings, people who select good images, people who suggest new ideas, and people who help implement those ideas. It is certainly not possible without people who simply use this website and spread the word.

If you do feel motivated to actively contribute or want to just send us a note, do email us at balebos@לידער or

This is where you may listen to a reading of the poem.


by The Treasury of Yiddish Poetry


פֿון דער אוצר פֿון ייִדישע לידער

translated by Someone

Here, we usually display the English translation of the poem. But right now, we will use the space to welcome you. Welcome!

This is the beginning of what will someday be a large collection of Yiddish poetry. What you are looking at is the layout of a "poem page." It consists of the poem and its translation, usually here, a mini bio of the poet to the right along with a picture of the poet, a little context to the left along with some kind of relevant picture, a reading of the poem top center, and useful links at the very bottom. Lastly, when you highlight any word(s) in the Yiddish poem you will see a popup that enables you to perform certain analytical functions over the entire database. The value of this tool will only grow with the size of our database. This is a digital project. It is easy to change and improve things. If you have ideas or want to help let us know.

This completely profitless educational site has lots of stuff on it: if your intellectual property is found on this site and you do not like that at all please let us know and we will take it down!

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בדרך־כּלל, קען מען דאָ געפֿינען דאָס ליד. אָבער איצט, װעלן מיר באַניצן דעם הױפּט־שפּאַלט אײַך מקבל־פּנים צו זײַן. ברוך־הבאָ!!

דאָס איז דער אָנהײב פֿון װאָס מיר האָפֿן װעט זײַן זײער אַ גרױסע (דיגיטאַלישע) זאַמלונג פֿון ייִדישע לידער. איר קוקט איצט אױף דעם אױסשטעל: אױף דער רעכטער געפֿינט מען אַ ביסל הינטערגרונט װעגן דעם דיכטערן צוזאַמען מיט אַ פּאָרטרעט; אױף דער לינקער זײַט, אַ ביסל װעגן דעם ליד, אױך מיט אַ שייכדיק בילד; אױבֿן געפֿינט מען אַ דעקלאַמאַציע; און אונטן, פֿאַרבינדונגען, װאָס זײַנען סײַ אינטערעסאַנט סײַ ניצלעך. צום לעצט, װען איר גיט אַ קװעטש אױף אײן אָדער עטלעכע ייִדישע װערטער װעט איר קענען זען װי אַזױ אַנדערע דיכטערס האָבן זיך באַניצט מיט זײ. דאָס פֿאַר אַ מכשיר װעט װערן נאָר װיכטיקער און ניצלעכער מיט דער צײט — דאָס הײס, מיט מער לידער אין אונדזער אוצר. גאָרנישט איז תּם־ונישלם — דאָס איז אַ דיגיטאַלישער פּראָיעקט װאָס קען זיך בײַטן אָן אַ סוף: מיר װילן אײַער הילף און אײַערע געדאַנקען!

דער ״אױפֿן־װעב״ אוצר פֿון ייִדישע לידער
שרײַבט אונדז
13 מײַ, 2018
May 13, 2018

The Poetדער דיכטער

This column usually contains a little biography of the poet. Above you will usually find a picture of the poet, which can be enlarged by clicking it.

Since this is an About Page, we will use the biography column to explain clearly what this site offers:

You may use this site as an access point to Yiddish poetry and you may browse, read and use its analytical tools at your pleasure.
You may also help us improve this site by contributing in countless ways to the text, the code, and the multi-media. Please contact us for more details and fork our git repository.
Lastly, you may use our database for whatever you wish and can download it below.


The site:   The Online Treasury of Yiddish Poetry; Submit a Poem! The database:   Download the database (from August 7, 2019) The code:   Our GitHub repository



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